Project 365: Day 319 – Street photography in Kotor

16th May 2015 – Kotor, Montenegro

Well, this is no Monaco, despite the sights

Of the cruises and yachts that crown the port.

But there is more life here. More character.

I could choose this any day over Monaco. In short.

Kotor montenegro street photography

I found a new model today – Kotor Montenegro

I left last night for Montenegro, after giving my goodbye to Kosovo. But there was a little glitch which I wasn’t prepared for.

So, the bus company in Pristina sold me tickets to Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro. There was nothing much in Podgorica, and I wanted to get to Kotor. For which they replied that I reach Podgorica around 5 AM in the morning, and could then catch another bus to get to Kotor.

Only thing, they were largely wrong on a couple of accounts.

First, I reach Podgorica by 2 AM in the morning! In the middle of the night, in a bus terminal where there were maybe 3 other people. Then, I tried to book my bus to Kotor, only to be told that the next bus was at 7 AM! That escalated pretty quickly.

I hung out in the bus terminal for the next few hours, once even being questioned by the cops who were trying to determine if I was a squatter, or a gypsy, or both. And finally, managed to get on a Belgrade-Kotor bus at 5 AM, reaching Kotor by 7 AM.

After some sleep, stepped out in the afternoon to explore Kotor. Kotor reminds me a lot of Monaco, one of those places which I hated on this trip. There is a nice little riviera, with cruise boats and yachts lining it. And there were rich Russian kids hanging out around there.

But there was also some character on the street. A lively market, a delightable old town, cheap beers and plenty of happy people. I started talking to an American busker and 2 Russian girls, and before we knew it, we were sharing beers and a bottle of whiskey.

And then came along the man in this picture. With his own version of a dapper haircut, and some crazy tattoos. He posed for me, after passing by with a huge 2 litre bottle of local beer. He had no money, and didn’t look like the most richest person around.

But with a smile like that, his wealth was huge.

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