Project 365: Day 318 – For a brighter future. For Kosovo.

15th May 2015 – Pristina, Kosovo

Who’s right? And who stands wrong?

It depends on which window you are peering from.

I have no intention to hurt anybody, nor any nation.

But happiness is the goal. It should be our total sum.

Amusement park in Pristina, Kosovo

There is hope for the future. And for more colours. – Pristina, Kosovo

After I wrote the last 2 days about Kosovo, I got some messages from a couple of Serbian friends. They were offended that I was calling this a country, since Serbia still doesn’t recognise Kosovo as a separate country. And how could I, when even India doesn’t officially recognise Kosovo?

I dont blame them. Kosovo has been a stage of world politics for a while now, and many acts have been played out here. No one can say for certain who is right and who is wrong. And neither can I. So, I need to reiterate that I do not endorse Kosovo as a separate nation. And I do not reject it either. I am simply not taking any sides, and I will let the diplomatic course take its way to decide on the final verdict about this country.

Having said that, this small diamond-shaped region has seen the best of times and the worst of times. It arose, proudly, after the ravages of war and have a smile to show for it. The people are proud, grand and lovely. But there is much more to be done here. The infrastructure is a mess, people are unemployed, and time is moving really slow for them. Given a couple of decades, and they will emerge stronger.

Having said that, it was time for me to leave Kosovo and head towards Montenegro. I have a bus in the night, at 7 PM, so I decided to do some walking in the morning. Went past the interestingly designed library building, which resembled a bunch of fruits kept together. And the half-built orthodox church just opposite to it.

I took a lot of pictures today, but nothing caught my attention like this amusement park on Velania region. The rides may cost just 1 EUR, and the choice is limited to just 1 or 2 rides. But one thing you can’t miss is the happiness of the kids.

Sometimes, happiness is all that we need. Man made borders only to distort this fact.

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