Project 365: Day 314 – Where the Sava meets the Danube

11th May 2015 – Belgrade, Serbia

At the confluence of the Sava and the Danube,

Lies a city that has captured more than my heart.

And with a petite French girl, I walked around

The confluence. Blending is indeed nature’s own art.

The confluence of Sava and Danube in Belgrade, Serbia.

Sava on the left. Danube on the right. Simple. – Belgrade, Serbia

I met up with Bertille today. The same Bertille with whom I had a lazy walk around the Danube in Novi Sad, a few months before.

Only difference was, we decided to walk through Belgrade, instead of Novi Sad today. Beginning from the Savamala region, the plan was to walk along the Sava river, and then along the Danube river, and then reenter the Kalemagdan from its rear entrance.

The sun was shining bright, and this would have been a really sweaty adventure, if not for the cool river breeze. The section of the Sava bridge is dotted with many river front bars and pubs. We passed by the Ada Ciganlija, which is a river island on the Sava, which has its own artificial lake inside.

Further ahead, at the confluence, we spotted another island. The great war island, or Veliko Ratno Ostrvo, is mainly used for bird spotting and picnics nowadays. We were in the mood for neither, so we continued walking.

After we walked back into the Kalemagdan, the walking turned to a sprint. We had to find beer.

And fast.

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