Project 365: Day 312 – Like a bevy of Swans

9th May 2015 – Ohrid, Macedonia

Like the flock, the people have to keep moving too.

In water, on land, or through air. To the next nest.

I have no flock, I dont even have a following shadow.

But like the flock, I move too. Thats what I do best.

Ohrid lake in Macedonia

I have no idea, but are these geese or swans? – Ohrid, Macedonia

I took the advice of my hosts, who said Ohrid was much more beautiful than Skopje. And if I had already been to Istanbul, the Ottaman architecture in Skopje would not be very interesting. So, I decided to take a bus to one of my favourite locations so far: Belgrade.

But that was in the evening. Before that, I still had time to kill. So, we went back again to the lake. This time, walking along the lake to the Church of St. John Kaneo. This is a really small church, but it is perched beautifully on a cliff. I mean, really beautifully.

And then on the way back, we saw this bevy of swans, swimming around in the lake. Well, first of all, I still can’t differentiate between Geese and swans, and I had to check on wikipedia to confirm these were mute swans. But whatever, their image alone inspires you to go up close and personal.

So personal that the one in the front almost put a hole through my lens.

After that, I caught the bus leaving Ohrid to Belgrade. Well, technically 2 buses, because I still had to change in Skopje. But it was a rather quick change. A few minutes ahead of Skopje is Serbia already, and the immigration is a relatively easy process.

Although, I don’t know what is with Balkan countries not giving me exit stamps. I had to ask for it once again, when leaving Macedonia.

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