Project 365: Day 309 – Swinging by an artificial lake 4

6th May 2015 – Tirana, Albania

Little rabbit. Tricks are for kids.
And so are the mosques and clock towers.
You must play with more artificial lakes
To be counted among Balkan’s powers.
Tirana park on the artificial lake, in albania

Who could say this lake was artificial? – Tirana, Albania

I played the typical tourist today, trotting through Tirana. Hows that to begin a post with alliteration?

I was staying in Tirana’s trendy Blloku area, which is pretty much the centre of the whole town. So, I took a walk to the clock tower, and the Ethem Bey Mosque, but found nothing new considering that I have seen grander clock towers in Warsaw, and grander mosques in Istanbul.

But what Tirana did have, which I found fascinating while the locals scoffed at me, was an artificial lake. In fact, there is a whole 230-hectare public park – called the Big park of Tirana – built around this lake, and this park also houses a church, the presidential palace of Tirana, the city zoo, and even a botanical garden.

However, such an awesome structure is mostly in ruins nowadays. The park has been besotted by pollution and street crime, and more than one opportunistic creep was eyeing my camera. And there is an increase in the amount of buildings that are being built around it, leading to constant eyesore.

Nevertheless, it still remains the evening venue for almost everybody from Tirana. And I didn’t want to be any different.
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