Project 365: Day 308 – I am in Tirana. Balkans, baby!

5th May 2015 – Tirana, Albania

The greek legends are fine and dandy,
But restlessness creeps into me, like fine liquor.
I have little time left on my Europe visa,
So, I am off again. Into the Balkans. Much quicker.
Luna park in Tirana, Albania

The sun fair is out already – Tirana, Albania

Last night, I took a bus from Athens to Tirana. What awaited me was a 14 hour long bus drive.

Well, the distance was manageable, if only I could sleep through it. But I kept getting woken up by toilet breaks, dinner breaks, supper breaks and breakfast breaks. And then the border crossing at Kakavia, where I had my first Shengen area exit in the last 3 months. I didn’t have an Albanian visa, but Albania accepts an Indian passport if it has a multiple-entry Category C Shengen visa. I did. And so, the border crossing was supposed to smooth.

But some idiot on the bus had decided to carry some expensive computer monitors as luggage, and this stalled the whole bus at the border for a good 30 minutes. After everything cleared up, we proceeded on our way. I was in Tirana by 9 AM, and the propaganda hostel was kind enough to let me check in early.

And then I slept. Finally catching up on my sleep.

Only to wake up in the evening, and take a stroll outside. The only thing I got to see before the end of the day was the Luna park, which was a small sun fair in the city, which just opened recently after the winter.

Well, this was my sign. I am finally in the Balkans, and no more in the winter.

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