Project 365: Day 307 – Conquering the Parthenon and Acropolis

4th May 2015 – Athens, Greece

We’ve placed our faith in iron railings

And in huge construction cranes that loom above.

Even history hangs in the frame here.

And to see it through the reconstruction, I strove.

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Yet another commercial building? – Acropolis in Athens, Greece

There was one last thing that I had to see in Athens, before I went north to the other Balkans.

The Acropolis is a staple tourist attraction, but when in Greece, do what the tourists do! So, I followed the horde and walked towards the most important surviving building of Classical Greece.

The entrance was 12 EUR, which would have normally turned me back. But I had a day to kill, and I had saved a little bit the last couple of weeks, couchsurfing with my friends. So, I caved in.

Most people think Parthenon is Acropolis, and Acropolis is Parthenon. Sadly, no. Parthenon is only one of the many ruined buildings in the Acropolis. To the south and east, there are 2 temples, namely Temple of Athena nike, and the Erechtheum. Still south in the Acropolis, is the theatre of Dionysius, which once seated a massive 17000 spectators. And on the southwest slope is the Odeon of Herodos Atticus, which has hosted everyone from Frank Sinatra to Miss Universe Pageants.

But in the centre of it all, stood the Parthenon. Or a pale memory of it. The Parthenon has undergone so much reconstruction, and is still undergoing it, that the whole building was covered in railings and side-flanked by massive cranes.

Not as romantic as I had originally imagined it.

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