Project 365: Day 306 – Zeus temple. Sleek cameras.

3rd May 2015 – Athens, Greece

Zeus had his thunderbolt, and the trusted armour, Aegis.

And Poseidon obliterated stuff with his trident.

While some of us mortals merely have a camera

And the human art of balance, to be content.

Temple of Zeus in Athens Greece

When you gotta click, you gotta click! – Athens, Greece

I had the craziest adventure last night, when I reached Athens. It was tough already, given that I landed at 10.30. What didn’t make it easier was that I had to make a Skype call as soon as I landed. I knew this was killing valuable time, but some things – and people – don’t wait.
After the call, I rushed to the metro to catch the subway train to my hostel downtown. And queued for the ticket. Exactly when I reached the front of the queue, I was told that the metro was closed. Was this a conspiracy of some sort?! I wouldn’t know, but I rushed to take the night bus.
The X95 connects the airport to the centre of Athens. The only problem was that I reached the centre at an ungodly 1.30 AM, and started to walk the long 1.5 km to my hostel. It was a pleasant walk, as the mediterranean summer breeze kept kissing my sweaty neck. But what made it creepy was that I saw all the creeps of Athens flock together at night. I guess my size was a deterrent for anybody to consider jumping on me, because I did reach my hostel safely around 2 AM.
And then, caught some much-needed sleep.
Today on waking up, the plan was just to walk around the city area. No subway, no bus. Just walking. But first, I had to head to Metaxourgio, to get a bus ticket leaving to Tirana the next day. There are only 2 – 3 buses in a day, and these tickets sell out fast. So, I finished that first.
And then, walked back to my hostel in a leisurely manner, passing a few interesting sights. First up, was the Hadrian’s arch, which stole the show near the road. And once you follow the arch, it leads to an entrance to the temple of Zeus.
I could never figure out the fantasising associated with this temple, because it is simply one of the most ruined historical pieces that I have come across. Even Jordan had some better sites, and very similar. But hell, I was in Greece anyway. So, I paid the 2 EUR ticket and walked around it.
I was about to take some pictures of the temple, when I saw this lass lying down beautifully in the grass. I would have mistaken her for a Greek goddess, had it not been for the camera she held in her hand, and the delightful angle that she was trying to obtain. I asked her if it was ok to take a picture of her, taking a picture. And she said yes, smiling coyly.
Too bad her boyfriend came running towards us soon. That was the shortest of short flirtations.
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