Project 365: Day 305 – A graffiti artist called Blu

2nd May 2015 – Warsaw, Poland

The high-rises are boring even without the communism.

So, lets splash some colour and some activism.

And after that, lets ride away to a distant airfield.

And put on those dancing shoes, for a mediterranean rhythm.

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Lets walk by some war today – Warsaw, Poland

I have had the pleasure of meeting a few interesting artists on this trip so far. Or actually, meeting their works!

While Cerny piqued my interest for Prague, the Warsaw scene was made a lot more brighter by a lesser-known Italian graffiti artist. Blu is the pseudonym of this graffiti artist without a face, very similar to the famous Banksy. But unlike Bansky, Blu uses large, high-rise buildings as his canvas, and has his works all over Europe.

Warsaw has one too. The work, titled ‘war’ was on the way to the Dw Centralny, where I had to catch a bus to Modlin today. A closer inspection will explain the details better. The soldiers are all tied to strings, denoting how they are being treated like puppets. And the dollar signs are everywhere on their uniforms. It was a subtle, yet beautiful mix of art and political statement.

After admiring the scale of the artwork, and the details, I finally took the Modlin bus by noon. Now, Warsaw has 2 international airports. The last time I was here, I had taken a flight from the Chopin airport. But today, I would find out about the other, budget airport of Warsaw. The Modlin is located a good 50 KMs away from the city centre, and the only reasonable way to get there, is by the taking the modlin bus. The bus departs from the eastern side of the Palace of culture, and reservations need to be made online.

After an hour, I was in Modlin, and exchanged all my remaining Zloty to Euro. I wouldn’t need anymore zlotys for where I am heading.

The greeks, await!

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