Project 365: Day 302 – Lazy days. Castle nights.

29th April 2015 – Warsaw, Poland

A familiar castle, I walked into again.
Or wait. I couldn’t walk in. I just watched
From outside, a sight I couldn’t explore before.
Both sides of the twilight, the view is unmatched.
Warsaw, Poland, royal castle, travel, photography

The royal castle does seem royal at night – Warsaw, Poland

Well, today was another lazy day. I need such days once in a while, definitely.

So, I stayed in. Almost the whole day. Enjoying the comfort of Beata’s couch, and the contents of her fridge. A day well-spent, I must say.

After twilight, I finally managed to step out a little bit. Towards the Nowy Swiat area, or the old town of Warsaw. The last time I was here, I had managed to click the royal castle of Warsaw from the inside. But I had no idea how beautiful it would look from the outside, against the night sky.

Well, tonight I did.

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