Project 365: Day 301 – Back to the Vistula shores

28th April 2015 – Warsaw, Poland


The baltics were a distant memory, fading by the mile.

I was on my way now, headed to familiar sights.

Past the bridge on the vistula, I headed straight

For my couch. Fun will have to turn up on other nights.

Vistula river in Warsaw, Poland

The shores of the Vistula, called me back – Warsaw, Poland

I celebrated my 300 days, with a really long bus-ride today.

I left Tallinn in the early hours of 6 AM, on a lux express bus headed to Vilnius. After passing Riga, Vilnius came into sight around 2 pm. And from there, I caught another bus, this time to Warsaw. I was going back to familiar shores.

But familiar shores do take a while to reach, as I would figure out. At the late hour of 10 PM, I was finally in Warsaw, looking at the Swietokrzyski bridge across the Vistula river. And clicking it.

After that, I met with my old friend Beata, who I met on my last visit here. I barely remember having a beer and then seeing her couch. After that, I crashed like a log, for the umpteenth time on this trip.

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