Project 365: Day 300 – 300 days on the road!!

27th April 2015 – Tallinn, Estonia

Estonia will always have a special place in my heart.

The long lunches at lido, and the long night.

Spent trying to learn Salsa, and much more.

But mostly, because the 300th day shines here, very bright!

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The bird’s eye view. Truly. – Tallinn, Estonia

It has been 300 days! No, I pinched myself. It really has been!

Here is a little confession. When I started this trip, I frankly thought that I would last for about 50 days, and then get bored of the whole thing, and move on to something else. That’s how I have always been. I start something awesomely creative, and then lose focus somewhere along the way. But after 3 continents, and 26 countries, I am still going strong! There is no one more surprised about this outcome, than me myself.

And I celebrated this mini-feat in 3 different ways today. I went back to the Tallinn old town again, especially since I didn’t do enough justice by posting the photo of a famous toilet yesterday. But this time, I climbed back up to see the view-points, which one of my friends yesterday had shown me. While we had spent more time yesterday at the Patkuli view-point, today I explored more the Kohtuotsa viewing platform. A unique place from where you can see the old town, the new town, and even the Lasnamae suburb.

And at night, I met my CS friend again. Riina had been a blessing the last 2 days, showing me all interesting things in Tallinn, but today she was out to torture me. I shouldn’t have said that I know Salsa! Well, turns out that I was to go to a Salsa party in Radisson, where my dancing skills were put to the test.

Needless to say, after 300 days on the road, I was as graceful as a drunk swan.

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