Project 365: Day 296 – Weddings at Saulkrasti

23rd April 2015 – Saulkrasti, Latvia

Champagne bottles led me to the beach.
Who would have thought of that today?
I tried to click the lovemaking of the waves,
But a beach wedding shoot had me in its sway.
Saulkrasti beach in Latvia

Weddings are a motley affair – Saulkrasti, Latvia


So last night, I came back to Guntis’ place, and settled into his couch. With his adorable cat, Timys. And, we had quite a few stuff planned today. Especially a drive to Saulkrasti.

Saulkrast is a little seaside town on the Gulf of Riga, about 50 KM away from Riga itself. Guntis picked up his wife from her work in the afternoon, and we made that distance quite easily.

I have been missing the beaches already – its been 4 months since I left Sri Lanka and Maldives!! – so, this was one trip I was looking forward to. Of course I took no beachwear, because it would be suicidal to swim in this cold. But all I wanted, was to see some beachgoers in bikinis and with surfboards. To make me feel a little bit, like I was back in Asia already.

But what awaited me was the sight of wedding gowns and champagne bottles. So, apparently the beach was beautiful, but it was empty. And the only other people, apart from us, on the beach today, were a couple shooting their pre-nuptials.

Well, gotta click something today, right?

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