Project 365: Day 293 – Turmoil at the Vilnius Cathedral

20th April 2015 – Vilnius, Lithuania

The sky pouted today, and put itself in 
A rather dark and sombre mood, disillusioned.
A cathedral looked more beautiful than it already is,
And in the midst of turmoil, today’s words are penned.
Vilnius cathedral in Lithuania

There is a storm coming – Vilnius, Lithuania


I was disillusioned today. Much like the weather in Vilnius.

The sky hung dark and gloomy over my head. And inside my head. There is a slow realisation that I have only 2 months more. Maybe I am a little glad. Its been a really long 10 months. Travelling continuously is hard, but documenting it everyday turned out to be the damnedest difficult thing I have done in my life. It has taken so much energy, that I get those doubtful moments now, much more than I used to get at the beginning.

And there is also the question of what after the 2 months. I would gladly continue to travel, but the fact is, I miss office life a little bit. The joys of getting chased in emails on pending projects, and having to roughneck with other departments on project deadlines. I miss it all.

So, I found myself today, preparing my resume. In anticipation of the job search that I will begin in another 2 months. And so went almost the full day. Only by evening, did I decide to head to the old town and see the Vilnius cathedral a little bit.

The heart of catholic spiritual life in Lithuania, the Vilnius cathedral is also located in the heart of Vilnius. Surrounded by the cobble streets of the old town, one cannot miss this massive structure and the open grounds around it.

I clicked the cathedral against the dying of the light, and then went back to my resume-building exercise.

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