Project 365: Day 287 – No Andorra. Not yet.

14th April 2015 – Toulon, France

I planned like the devil was in the details.
And rode two trains, and saw 3 towns.
But Andorra is proving elusive as always.
Well, plans change. We all have our downs.
Toulon, France, spring

Chill day with lots of travel, all ending up in disappointment – Toulon, France

I visited a country yesterday, which ended up in disappointment. I should have considered that before attempting to visiting a new country yet again today.

I have been wanting to visit Andorra for a few years now. The last time I was in Spain in 2013, I was given only a single-entry visa, so could not enter Andorra. While Andorra is a visa-free country, one needs a multiple entry visa to GET OUT of Andorra and back to Spain or France. This time, I had a multiple entry, and I was determined to see this country where people have the longest life expectancy.

So, after an early morning breakfast in Aurelia’s beautiful house garden, where I ended up clicking the pool and spring, we started with our heavy backpacks. First stop was in Marseille, after an hour’s train ride from Toulon on a TER. After waiting a little bit in the train station, we caught a TGV from Marseille to Toulouse, which took another 4 hours. And once we reached Toulouse, we looked for our train to Andorre sur l’Hospitalet, which was the last French train station before reaching Andorra.

The only problem: there was no train.

So, apparently there was a landslide on this railway line for the past 2 weeks, and all trains going there were cancelled. The SNCF staff promptly gave me a refund immediately, but here I was in Toulouse, without a way to get to Andorra.

There were minibuses leaving to Andorra in the morning, but that would have to wait. I needed to crash in Toulouse today.

And that I did. With Aplomb.

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