Project 365: Day 283 – One day. Three countries

10th April 2015 – Dresden, Germany

I said goodbye to the Germans, those stony faces.
Met the Czechs. And gave my regards too. Then fled.
The Spaniards are my calling today. Barcelona again.
Wait. I know no Spaniards there. Its all a french spread.
annenkirsche dresden germany church

The churches of Dresden – Dresden, Germany


The day started hectic. And ended pretty much the same way too.

So, I left Radebeul in the morning, and went back to Dresden. With my heavy backpack and all. I had a bus from Dresden to Prague by 11 AM, but I still had time to kill. So, I hung out around the many churches that Dresden had to offer. There was St. Anne’s church, Frauenkirch, and the Katholike Hofkirsche. In fact, I am not even sure which of the above 3 churches I took my photo of the day!

But nevertheless, I took the Meinfernbus from Dresden to Prague. And then began a long wait in the Prague airport. I had a flight, but it was only at 7 pm. So, I hung around, finished the ‘Dance with dragons’, and started watching another season of ‘the mentalist’ on my laptop.

And at 7 pm, I finally took the Vueling flight to Barcelona, reaching late in the night. My French friend Aurelie – who I met before in Istanbul – picked me up from the airport, and took me to her place which she shared with 2 amazing guys.

So, I have been through Germany, Czech Republic and Spain. All in one day. And in the end, I am staying with a French.

I am not even sure of my own nationality nowadays.

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