Project 365: Day 280 – Pegida and a musical house

7th April 2015 – Dresden, Germany

The eyes stared back, some curious, some hostile.
And the road looked bleak, until some warmth was shared.
In the alleyways of Dresden, I found a home with music.
Pegida must see it too. They could have compared.
Dresden, germany, singing house

Waiting for the rain. And the music – Dresden, Germany

I took a morning bus from Prague to Dresden, Germany. After 150 ams, 2 hours, and a police checkpoint, I was in Dresden.

The first thing that I noticed about Dresden was the intense staring that I received from almost everybody in the town. Like, really intense. And thanks to the stoned nature of German faces, I really couldn’t distinguish if the stare was curious or hostile. And then, I might my couchsurfing host, Lia, who shed a little light on the matter.

So, Dresden is not really a very international town, and foreigners are really rare. There are about 4 or 5 Indian restaurants in the city, but very rarely is an Indian seen here. So, of course, there is the curiosity angle to see a brown man roaming the streets, alone. The hostility angle, was possible too. Dresden is the home of the Pegida, after all.

Pegida (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) is a political organisation founded in Dresden, which is far-right, anti-islam, and xenophobic. They have attracted both supporters and opponents in equal numbers, in their weekly march against immigration in Dresden. And here I was, brown as a berry, hairy as a bear.

Thankfully, my couchsurfing hosts were amazing people. They removed any possible fear that I might have about how influential Pegida actually is in Dresden. And then we walked around the town a little bit.

And we saw a musical house.

In Neustadt Kunsthofpassage, in an arts project called courtyard of elements, one can see the house above. The colourful blue house is said to make music when the rain falls down.

Well, it didn’t rain today, so guess I won’t be finding out how that goes.

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