Project 365: Day 274 – Fools In a maze of mirrors

1st April 2015 – Prague, Czech Republic

Another April comes my way with no pranks,
Or snipes thrown at me. I survived.
I was not sure if I could do the same with
A bunch of mirrors. Nevertheless, in I dived.
mirror maze in Prague, Czech republic

Why take one selfie, when you can take many? – Mirror maze in Prague

Today was a day of museums. But dont call me conventional yet.

First stop, was the torture museum of Prague. No, you heard me right. There is a museum of medieval torture equipment where we spent a little time first. Not as scary as I thought it would be, or rather not scary at all.

The sex museum was actually scarier! I’ve been to loveland in Jeju, but that was Vanilla sex compared to what Prague had to offer. There were some really perverse stuff there, even a vintage porn movie that we watched for half an hour. And some homosexual stuff too, which you would have never found in Jeju.

Check out loveland, the erotic theme park in Jeju, South Korea. Click here! (NSFW)

After the 2 museums, we checked out the mirror maze. Mind you, this is not the mirror maze on Petrin hill, which is quite far away. This one is on Staremesto, close to the old town, and has an additional Kaleidoscope cinema next to it.

The task of the day was to take a multi-dimensional selfie. Task completed!

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