Project 365: Day 271 – Ignoring the Mona Lisa in Louvre

29th March 2015 – Paris, France

I went to see the most beautiful girl,
But sadly to my liking, she was too small.
Like many women who I was sad to depart with,
I bid goodbye too. And focused on those greeks, tall.
louvre museum in Paris, France

I ditched the minuscule monalisa, for grander Greek statues – Louvre in Paris, France


I have been avoiding museums for a while now, mainly because I have moved over from the touristy fare and decided to enjoy the people rather than then the museums.

But I had to give in today. With the 2 tourist friends of mine, Rindo and Victoria, I stepped out in the morning to see the Louvre.

Here is one word of advice: dont drink too much water when going to visit the Louvre. There was no toilets anywhere in the public zone, and you needed to queue 1 hour to get inside, and have access to a toilet. It was the most horrible 1 hour of my life, as I squirmed in the queue, and almost pushed people in front of me! The wait did not help me much to notice the famous Louvre pyramids. I tried to click them a little bit, but then the rain made my lenses soggy. So, decided to take more pictures inside.

There was good reason to believe that Louvre is the most visited art museum in the world, because the interior looked more packed than an Indian railway station. We evaded all the folks, and proceeded to see the 2 big things that we had come to see: the Venus d’milo and the Mona Lisa.

Both disappointed me a lot, as I realised that even I was caught up in all the hype. The Venus D’milo, even if it had its hands, would still be the worst sculpture in the louvre. And the Mona Lisa, would still be the smallest painting. I am no art critic, but I felt that the other paintings which were much grander, were also much more beautiful and elegant that the La Joconde.

So, I went out, and clicked the statues in the Greek section. They were more worthy of my storage space than Lisa Gherardini.

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