Project 365: Day 270 – Brides on the Seine

28th March 2015 – Paris, France

I am back in the city of love, and I guess
Love does lead to some weddings, if not all.
I had gone to see the eiffel and surroundings today,
But love and a carousel trumped them all.
A little eerie, but beautiful nevertheless. - Humayun's tomb in New Delhi, India

The brides on the Seine – Paris, France


I woke up early in the morning today, and took a train from Leuven at the ungodly hour of 6.30 AM in the morning!

The train took me to Brussels, from where I took a Eurolines bus to Paris. And after negotiating the complicated Paris metro, I was in my hostel in Montmartre by noon. Two of my friends from Singapore had flown in, for a reunion. Victoria had already met me in Kolkata and in the Maldives. And Rindo was on yet another European quest, determined not to lose anything this time.

After finding ourselves some wine and beers at Carrefour, we left to see the Eiffel. We did see it, and found a nice, little park opposite to the eiffel, where we sat and enjoyed our wines for a bit.

I had clicked so many pictures of the Eiffel today, that I was sure it would be the picture of the day. But on the way back, just opposite the Seine river to the eiffel, I found this children’s carousel, which surprisingly was being used by a newly-wed couple.

Oh love is not only blind. Sometimes it is stupid too.

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