Project 365: Day 268 – The Atomium of Brussels

26th March 2015 – Brussels, Belgium

Between intermittent downpours of Belgian rain,
I checked out a capital. Of the Union, not the country.
But more than a hundred pictures I took of ancient markets,
Its one that I took of a single cell, which I today fancy.
From the world fair, to the world. - Atomium in Brussels, Belgium

From the world fair, to the world. – Atomium in Brussels, Belgium

The rain stopped today. And it was a glorious sight. So, I went to Brussels.

Annemie, my friend in Leuven, dropped me in her car in Brussels at the early morning hour of 7 am. With a promise to meet me at the MuntPunt at 5. The MuntPunt is a library, which was running an exhibition on prison art. But before I got there, I first had to see the whole of Belgium in one day.

And I did, quite well too. Considered the capital of the European Union, Brussels has some imposing buildings and some fine artworks. And surrounded by centuries-old buildings, lies the Grand place-Grokte markt in the middle of Brussels. The central market also plays host to a choicy range of eateries and breweries, all of which were unfortunately too expensive for my wallet.

So, I grabbed myself a cheap sandwich and headed out for the royal palace. Or more accurately, the park in front of the royal palace, where I finished that sub. And then, rain fell again.

It grew so cold in a little bit, that I had to rush to the MuntPunt library, where I would stay put for the next 3 hours, reading a book. Until my friend and a couple of couch surfers came by for dinner.

But despite all this hectic day, my best sight of Brussels came after dinner. Annemie drove me to the Atomium, a 50 year old monument from the 1958 world fair. Called the “Europe’s most bizarre building” by CNN, it is built in the shape of a cell of an iron crystal.

I am posting the Atomium picture here with a little doubt. There are some weird copyright rules related to the Atomium, and whole websites have taken down photos of them before. I dont think my silly photograph should be a concern, though.

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