Been there, learnt that! Quiz 1

Welcome to the first edition of “Been there, Learnt that!

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1) This is one of the official languages of which country?


2) There is a local rule in Budapest, hungary, which states that no building can be taller than the St. Stephen Cathedral. Hence, the St. Stephen is the tallest building in the whole city.

Oops. One of the 2 tallest buildings in the whole city. Which other building was built at exactly the same height as the cathedral?

Hint? Click here!

3) Dahala Khagrabari is a small Indian village belonging to the Indian state of West Bengal. Why is it Geographically the only example of its kind? Or what is its geographical claim to fame?

4) The Shwedagon pagoda is one of the highlights of a Myanmar visit. However, where would you find this replica of the Shwedagon pagoda?

Shwedagons replica. But where?

Shwedagons replica. But where?

5) Why is this small city in Luxembourgh so important for people travelling to Europe?


6) The Brokpas are a very small community of tribal people, living in the foothills of Ladakh, India.

—Access to visit or photograph them, requires a special permit from the Indian army, but every year, some German women have been trying to sneak into their village. This phenomenon has also been documented in a short film called ‘Achtung baby’

So why are these women trying to sneak in?

7) With reference to travelling, what connects the European countries of Andorra, Liechtenstein, Monaco and San Marino? And which is the 5th country in this list?

8) There are 2 main football clubs in this city. Every year, they meet each  other in a tournament, which is called ‘the intercontinental derby’.

Which city?

9) —This small village in Biscay, Spain was the reason behind the name of a famous historic person in the Americas. The person in turn, had a country named after him as well.

—Identify the village, the person and the country.


10) —”There!”, supposedly exclaimed Awang Alak Betatar, a legendary 14th-century sultan, upon moving to the river delta of this country.

—Which country, that got its name from the ‘there’?

Happy Quizzing!!


1) Bislama is a pidgin English, and is one of the official languages of the country of Vanuatu.

Click here: For my experience with Bislama in Vanuatu

2) The Hungarian parliament building was built at the same height as the St. Stephen Cathedral.

Click here: To read about my visit to the parliament building.

3) It is an enclave of India, within an enclave of Bangladesh, within an enclave of India. Sorry to mind boggle you, but this is the only 3rd order enclave in the world.

4) This is the global Vipassana pagoda in Mumbai.

Click here: For my visit to this off-the-road attraction in Mumbai.

5) The city of Shengen, where the Shengen agreement was signed. Hence, visas to European Union are still called Shengen Visas.

Click here: To read about my funny Shengen visa interview.

6) The Brokpas are considered to be the descendants of Alexander the great, and the purest Indo-aryan race remaining. There has been some examples of ‘pregnancy tourists’ trying to visit these people, in order to have sex with them and have their children, in the hopes of getting a racially superior child.

7) Countries without an airport. The 5th one is Vatican city.

8) Istanbul

9) Bolivar village. Simon Bolivar. Bolivia

10) Brunei

Click here: To check out the water villages of Brunei

Click here for the hall of fame of scorers.



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