Project 365: Day 266 – Town halls and Trappist beers

24th March 2015 – Leuven, Belgium

In an unexpected city I found, a town hall
With gothic windows and niche statues.
All was dandy, until the trappist beers arrived.
Then history and alcohol entered a happy truce.
The people on the walls - Leuven, Belgium

The people on the walls – Leuven, Belgium

I never had the plan to visit Leuven. I intended to visit Brussels, Bruge and Gent in Belgium. But how plans change.

After my host left for work today, I decided to take a walk around Leuven’s city just to see what the town had to offer, and it stunned me with its architecture. Leuven is a quiet student town, but the buildings can scream for themselves. And in the centre of it all, was the marvellous Town hall.

Located in Grote Markt (Main market) square, the 500 years old building –  which was renovated a few times – stood out in prominence, for everybody to admire the statues on its walls, corners and niches. And I did the same, clicking away till glory.

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Later in the evening, my friend joined me to have some beers. Well, not some beer, it had to be a Trappist beer.

Trappists, or the Order of Cysterians of the Strict Observance (OCSO) are a catholic religious order who produce a wide range of goods to generate income so that they can be self-reliable. These include cheese and bread.

And beer. Unlike most beers, trappists beers are said to improve with age. And there are only 10 trappist monasteries in the world who sell authentic trappist beers. And six of them are in Belgium.

I just tried, hic, 2 of, hic, them. Hic.

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