Project 365: Day 264 – Inside the royal castle of Warsaw

22nd March 2015 – Warsaw, Poland

There is no such thing as a free lunch,
Someone said. He obviously discounted sundays.
And the fact that the castle opened its doors
on this day, and let opulence lead you to a daze.
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Inside the royal castle – warsaw, poland


Today was a sunday. And that made it a free entrance to the Warsaw royal castle!


I had delayed visiting this till sunday, obviously because I wanted to save a few bucks on the entrance fee. And today, I found someone to go along with and see the castle a little bit. Located in the castle square, the royal castle almost welcomes you into old town. Atleast it is the first thing that you will notice there.


The nazis had destroyed this during the warsaw uprising, but it was rebuilt and is a now a proud UNESCO heritage site. Unlike some of the castles I had been to recently, the royal castle in Warsaw is not jaw-dropping from the outside. But you have to get inside to appreciate it fully.


The castle is fully of massively ornate rooms, used for various purposes. There is the audience room, canaletto room, knight’s room, throne room and even a marble room.


As if the opulence wasn’t obvious already.



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