Project 365: Day 260 – The tallest building in Poland

18th March 2015 – Warsaw, Poland

After 13 hours in a cramped bus ride that tested
My flexibility and my legs, I finally came into being.
In the middle of a city that oscillated between
socialist and capitalist, there stood a grand, old, peking.
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A palace of culture and science. No really. – Warsaw, Poland


I reached, rather groggily, into Warsaw at 11 AM in the morning. After a ridiculously long 13 hours, and 2 chapters of ‘Dance with the dragons‘.


Thankfully, Warsaw has a metro service, which managed to take me quickly to my CS host, who lived alone with her beautiful Shih Tzu dog. After a few hours of petting the dog, and a couple of hours of much-needed sleep, I was out to see Warsaw.


The first point to start exploring Warsaw, is the Dw Centralny, or the Central railway station. And bang across it, is the tallest building in Poland and the 8th tallest building in the European Union. And also one of the tallest clock towers in the world.


Originally named the Joseph Stalin Palace of Culture and science, the reference to the Russian ruler was removed during the process of Destalinization. And funnily, because of the previous name, many Poles actually hated this building. They believed it was a symbol of the Soviet domination of Poland. But it has changed over the times, because of other huge buildings that have come up in the area, and some of the other museums coming up around it.


Fun fact of the day: Warsawians calls this building ‘peking’ (meaning Beijing). I thought this was something to do with China, until I figured out the palace in Polish was Palac Kulturi I Nauki, and abbreviated as PKiN. 


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