Project 365: Day 257 – A little Kurdish love in Vienna

15th March 2015 – Vienna, Austria

From Eastern Europe, I venture back into the West
Albeit just for a little while. Just to feel the wanderlust.
Vienna is another pearl on the Danube. But today,
I avoided the buildings to focus on some people I trust.


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A little bit of the call for freedom in Syria – Vienna, Austria

I took the train in the morning from Bratislava to Vienna, paying 14EUR for an all-day ticket. And to think that I could have hitchhiked this stretch easily, if it wasn’t for the cold weather.


Vienna has several railway stations, but I got down at Hoptbanhof. There are others like Sudbanhof, Norde etc, all indicating their position in this big city. At Hoptbanhof, I met Ju, who I met before during my motorcycle adventure in Sudder street in Kolkata. We left to his home in Wahring, left my bags, and immediately went for an afternoon walk.


On first impression, Vienna is very similar to Budapest. There are plenty of historic buildings, and even normal houses are photogenic. We walked around the Innere Stadt, which is the 1st municipal district of Vienna. Essentially, this is the old town of Vienna, with multiple places of interest like Albertina, St. Stephen Cathedral, and some museums. I would have to come back to these over the next couple of days, because today my time went in following a Syrian problem.


Well, bang in the middle of Innere Stadt, in one of the main squares, there was a group of Syrian/Kurdish people having a gathering. They waved flags that supported ‘freedom from Assad’ for Syria, and even some Kurdish flags. I have fond memories of the Kurdish cause, thanks to a stay with my Kurdish brother Ibrahim in Bursa. So, I ignored the buildings for today. I stayed around the gathering, clicking away like I was sent by Al Jazeera to report on this gathering.


The beautiful people that Kurds are, they just smiled at the idiot Indian who was following their every move like a paparazzi.


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