Project 365: Day 255 – An old theatre in an old town

13th March 2015 – Bratislava, Slovakia

Even theatres get a facelift, and they undergo
Change rampant, in the face of modernisation.
But they lack the finesse that a Ganymede possesses.
I had to click. How could I resist the temptation?
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The old slovak national theatre, has not lost any charm. – Bratislava, Slovakia

Like Budapest, Bratislava is also split into 2 by the Danube. But the action lied entirely on the norther part, the region called ‘the old town’.

Unfortunately, I stayed in the other half of the city. So, I walked to the old town in the morning, with an Austrian friend of mine, and we explored the old town today. This region is rich in history and culture, with everything ranging from churches (Trinity church, blue church, St. Martin’s cathedral), palaces (archbishops palace, Grassalkovich palace, Primate’s palace) and some expansive squares (SNP square, Main square, Hviezdoslav square and the stone square.

And it was just in front of the Hviezdoslav square, that I found the old Slovak national theatre building. There is a newer, snazzier new Slovak National theatre, somewhere further in the old town, but the old one was too culturally rich with heritage for me not to take a look at it, and take pictures.

And especially because of the beautiful Ganymede’s fountain that is located right in front of the national theatre. Sculpted by Victor Tilgner, this is one of the reasons why heritage sometimes is more beautiful that all the concrete and glass panels that modernisation has to offer.

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