Project 365: Day 252 – A stroll in a basilica

10th March 2015 – Budapest, Hungary

There are facts and figures. Then there are figurines
And relics, kept away in a basilica that adorns a skyline.
It may only be the third largest church in the country,
But the basilica holds a secret record, and its just too fine.
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St. Stephen would have been proud – Budapest, Hungary

Today was a day to explore more of the city centre of Budapest, after a couple of days near the Danube.

Almost at the heart of Budapest, is the St. Stephen’s Basilica, or Szent Istvan Bazilika in Hungarian. Named after Stephen, the first king of Hungary, and his famous ‘righteous’ right-hand is still kept in the Basilica.

It is quite an imposing building, with 2 large bell towers on both sides. There is an option to take an elevator to the bell tower for 500 Forint, but I choose not to. Instead, I paid a 200 Forint donation, and visited the insides of the Basilica.

The basilica is also the venue for many concerts, and a giant organ inside only attests to this. But the most interesting thing about the Basilica, is its height. It stands at a height of 315 ft, the same height as the Hungarian national parliament. And because of a local regulation that no building can be taller than 315 Ft, it makes the Basilica and the parliament, the tallest buildings in Budapest!

I wouldn’t have guessed that fact when I first saw either.

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