Project 365: Day 250 – Celebrating the finer Gender

8th March 2015 – Budapest, Hungary

I hate my teeth. And I hate dentists. They rip me up.
Not just literally. Even figuratively. Especially in this tourist pit.
But the day gets better as we celebrate the better gender.
No, not male. I am talking of the one with poise and grit.
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An unsuspecting model with a rose – Budapest, Hungary

I stayed more than a week in Budapest for a dentist job. One of the centres of Dental tourism in Europe, its sadly also one of the places to get ripped off by a Dentist.
So, I had a phase one of a root canal a few months ago. I should have done my second phase sooner, but the costs of doing it in Turkey, made me push away the decision. So, Budapest it was. I had made an appointment earlier, and walked into a clinic, where everybody spoke fluent English.
From the moment I walked in, even before he did any proper tests, he was hell-bent on doing an extraction. I informed him that I am under no pain right now, and can delay the extraction for another few months until I get home. I just need the phase 2 done, and my filling to be checked again. He kept saying one word: Extraction!
After a while, I got pissed off, and told the dentist that I will do the extraction at home, and my decision is final. He gave up, and wrote me a few prescriptions of tablets to take, if I end up in pain. And then, he gave me a bill. A whopping 20000 HUF (70 Euro), just for a prescription!
I paid, and got out pissed. The thing with tourists is, we are a walking ATM in some parts of the world. I can’t rant much, because I know how many tourists are treated in India. Maybe this was the nature’s way of spitting at me from a high moral ground.
As I headed back home, I saw many women on the metro and generally everywhere, walking with a rose in their hand. When inquired, I was told that it was International Womens day today. And one of the girls had no problems in posing for me with her rose.
250 days with a backpack, and I celebrate it on international women’s day. More power to the finer gender!
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