Project 365: Day 244 – Elveda Denizli! Tesekkurler Turkiye!

2nd March 2015 – Denizli, Turkey

I will miss them all: The Turkish food with the sugar cubes.
The food. Oh, all those delightful things that melt in my mouth!
All all those fairytale mosques, with their outstretched minarets.
But it will be the people I miss the most, when I leave the south.
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Symbolically, my last picture from Turkey is again a mosque – Bayramyeri in Denizli, Turkey

I should be somehow thankful to Georgia. I would not have stayed so long in Turkey, if they had given me a visa. They didn’t, and I ended up staying nearly 6 weeks in Turkey.
I wasn’t the typical vacationer here, shuttling from point to point to see all the historical sites that Turkey has to offer. I did not. I did not see any of its famed beaches also, thanks to the snow. But I met people. Really nice people. Not just Turks. I met amazing kurds, and even one Lazish guy who regaled me with an amazing tune on his saz.
All those memories in Turkey. It has been one of the most visually enchanting countries I have been to, with beautiful mosques, scintillating natural structures (Pamukkale, Cappadocia), and so many colourful markets.
But now, it is finally time to say goodbye. I took a final walk around the Bayramyeri mosque in Denizli, and I think it was a fitting goodbye that my last picture of Turkey is also one of a mosque. Took some parting shots.
I will now say goodbye to my amazing couchsurfing friends who made me stay so long in Denizli, and gave me some of the best time on this trip. I will catch a bus to Istanbul now, for my flight tomorrow morning.
Dear immigration officer, please be nice to me in Paris.

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