Project 365: Day 242 – Otogar days

28th February 2015 – Denizli, Turkey

I travel too fast, I am often judgingly told
By other travellers who live ages in one place.
Maybe it is true. Maybe I should take it more slow..
But my backpack. Well, thats at an entirely different pace.
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I’ve arrived. My luggage hasn’t. – Denizli, Turkey

After I took the bus last night to Denizli, I managed to sleep soundly on the metro lines bus (metro lines is the name of a bus company in Turkey), that reached Denizli by 6.30 AM. I went out of the bus to take my backpack from the luggage hatch, only to find out, that it wasn’t there.
There was a moment of chaos. Many more. I asked the bus driver and the assistant about the backpack, and they kept insisting that I did not have any when I boarded. All in very broken English. WTF! I kept arguing with them, but we couldn’t get past the language border.
After a while, one of the bus company officials came down, and started talking in reasonable English to me, explaining that I did not have any backpack to begin with. I blew my lid, and told them that I did, and that I will now go to the Tourism Police to report theft. He asked me to calm down, and made some calls.
After waiting for a few minutes while listening to his Turkish, which I understood absolutely nothing, he returned to me in English. Apparently, my bag was dropped off in their Pamukkale office, which was the stop before Denizli. Because I was a tourist, they were sure that I was getting down at Pammukkale.
They offered to drive me to Pamukkale so that I could be reunited with my baggage. I informed them, that I had already visited Pamukkale, and I had no intention of going back there. I was visiting Denizli. And they were surprised. Who visits Denizli?! Or rather, what is there to visit here?
But somehow, I managed to get my point across, and they informed me that my backpack will arrive in Denizli in another 1 hour, on a different bus that was coming to this route.
I spent that hour with some tea and some photography outside the Otogar (bus terminal), against the rainy Denizli landscape.

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