Project 365: Day 241 – Through pots and chimneys

27th February 2015 – Goreme, Turkey

Through the first rays of the sun, I saw a city,
Still lost in old-world charm, lies the magical Uchisar.
But first, I have to deal with a potter and his jars.
And through them, a different perspective from afar.
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The pots, with the chimneys beyond – Goreme, Turkey

After a long while, I woke up really early today. I am talking 5 AM early. All to see the sunrise at Goreme.
And it was gorgeous, made more awesome by the fact that I was the only one I could see for miles and miles, all the way till Uchisar, when the sun came up. Not another soul. I was on the road going to Ugrup, at the highest point. They call this the sunset point, but I was here for the sunrise. Minor change in plan. Lol.
Luckily, I brought some snacks along, so my breakfast was done at the point too. And then, I slowly walked back, clicking everything on the way, until the Goreme open air museum.
The Goreme open air museum, is actually a group of old churches, built into rocks, stretched out in an open field. At the cost of 20 Lira, I was a little disappointed, because the museum was just like the rest of Cappadocia, but the caves had some frescoes inside them. 20 Lira for the frescoes?! And I wasn’t allowed to take pictures inside too. Bummer.
But on the way back, I saw a potters place, advertising that people could watch the pottery at work. I did, for a while. And then, went out and clicked the hanging pots in the tree, set against the open air museum.
And by evening, I was on another bus to Denizli. Thats it, my Cappadocia episode was finished almost as soon as it started.

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