Project 365: Day 237 – The German fountain and the hippodrome

23rd February 2015 – Istanbul, Turkey

The erstwhile Constantinople, had seen me loitering around
For a few days already. I think it’s hight time I said bye.
But before I leave, there is one last thing I needed to click.
A timeless fountain, built by the Germans, yet still remains shy.
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Finding something German in Turkish soil – Istanbul, Turkey

I think I have been spending a lot of time in Istanbul lately, and I decided to get out by the next day.
The day was spent booking a bus ticket to go to Bursa, where I plan to meet my friend Ibrahim for a short while. And then proceed to Cappadocia, which I had skipped previously because of the harsh winter. After all, I only have one last week left in Turkey, and I still had to see Cappadocia and Ephesus before I leave.
At night, I decided to step out with my tripod again. I had a few good night shots the last few days, and wanted to keep it going, since I felt so comfortable with my night photography now. And the choice of hanging out today, was the old hippodrome area.
The hippodrome was the cultural and sporting centre of the Byzantine empire, but now there are only a few large obelisks that remain of it. The place has been beautifully converted into a park, while keeping some of the original artefacts intact.
And one of the most memorable among them, was the German fountain. Built to celebrate a German emperor’s visit to Istanbul in the late 19th century, the fountain was originally built in Germany, and then transported into Istanbul.
I had passed by this fountain countless times over the last few days, not even bothering to click. I guess I was more attracted to the other stalwarts in the Sultanahmet area, like Hagia sophia and Blue mosque.
Well, the fountain had its day today.

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