Project 365: Day 230 – Not selfie! Self-portrait!

16th February 2015 – Denizli, Turkey

Narcissist! I jeered at myself. Then I smiled.
At the prospect of being on the other end of the click.
Between the slave and master in a studio setup,
I almost felt like I was shooting a chick flick!
Denizli, turkey, travel, photography

Thats what jack daniels and a soft box can do – Denizli, Turkey

I have taken all kinds of photographs on this trip. Ranging from portraits, panning shots, monochrome shots, HDRs, mobile phone shots, long exposure shots, lens flares etc. But one think I have never taken – and which many people keep asking me – is a self-portrait.

But well, when I am travelling, there are so many interesting things to see around me that I rarely take a picture of myself. And when I do, I do those stupid duck face things. I would die before I post them online. Maybe on Facebook, but not on this blog.

Well, it had to change today. But I didn’t wake up from Taskin‘s couch in the morning, telling myself, that I would take a self-portrait today. I was late to wake up, around 12. And then, there was nothing much to do. I just sat around and wasted my time, and before I knew it, it was dark.

Taskin came back home after work, and we took a little walk around the city, to see if there was anything interesting to click. Nothing much around Denizli. So, we came back home. Now, Taskin is also a photography aficionado and has a small studio setup in his home. I am talking a black screen, a soft box, transmitters, flashes. All the shebang.!

So, we started playing around at home, with the off-camera flash, and some of the many alcohol bottles that were lying around.

As Leonidas in 300 would say, “we decided to put them to the test”

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