Project 365: Day 226 – Dovidnenja, Serbia!

12th February 2015 – Belgrade, Serbia

A midwinter morning flight, awaited me in an aerodrome,
Named after a scientist. Or as Edison called him, a genius.
But on the way, I had to stare at a something so magnificent,
That even Tesla would have stared wide, and call it ingenious.
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Hram Svetog Save. Or to the Anglicized, church of Saint Sava – Belgrade, Serbia

I took the last train from Novi Sad to Belgrade last night, arriving around 11 PM in Belgrade. It was the day of the weekly Belgrade CS meet up, but I was too zonked out, with a little fever in me. I went back to the same hostel that I had stayed during my last stay in Belgrade (Sun hostel). The folks there were happy to have me back, and I was darn happy to be back somewhere comfy.

I crashed like a baby that night.

Woke up early in the morning, because I have a flight from Belgrade to Istanbul at 12 noon. As I slowly walked out of the hostel, towards the A1 busstop, where I take a bus to Nikola Tesla aerodrome, I saw a magnificent building which I had not noticed in Belgrade before. And the early morning rays of the sun, seemed to make it look even more beautiful.

The Hram Svetog Save, or the Church of Saint Sava, is the largest orthodox church in the world. And I knew of it, on the day that I was leaving Serbia!

Dedicated to St. Sava, it dominates the Belgrade cityscape. I wanted to go in, but had my huge backpack with me, so just ended up taking pictures from outside. I don’t even know if it was open at 7 AM in the morning!

But nevertheless, reached the Belgrade airport on time, and checked into my flight. You know that you are heading to Istanbul, when someone on the flight gets questioned by the air staff for smoking in the airplane toilet! I miss Serbia already, and will definitely be back in May.

Reached Taksim, and had booked myself into one of the cheapest hostels in Istanbul. Unfortunately, being the cheapest hostel also meant that it was the toughest to find, hidden near the red-light area in the Galata region of Istanbul. I walked into the hostel to find a few other girls, who clearly looked like they were not travellers, and in various stages of undress. Well, I was too tired to even have a conversation, so I ended up going straight to my bed.

Before I slept, I remember booking another hostel for the next day.

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