Project 365: Day 225 – Walking with a girl on a bike

11th February 2015 – Novi Sad, Serbia

The river laid long and bare, like a thread through fabric
Of a country that was ravaged by wars and plight.
A solitary girl on a bike, and me, took a lovely stroll,
And we discover people better, when against a beautiful sight.
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Victims of the raid – Novi Sad, Serbia

The day started only from 2 PM, thanks to all the alcohol yesterday!

I had to leave Novi Sad today back to Belgrade, because I have a flight from Belgrade tomorrow morning. So, my plan was to take the last train to Belgrade, at 8.30 in the evening. And this was one of the saddest decisions of my trip so far, because Novi Sad is easily one of my favourite places so far!

It was made more sad by a little 3 hour meeting with a couch surfer from France, who was living in Serbia. Bertille was interesting in photography and blogging, and wanted to catch up to talk about photography. A screw-up in phone numbers meant that we couldnt meet yesterday, so we decided to meet for a few hours today. I was walking, and she was walking her bicycle.

We walked along the Danube river, towards the fortress. We stopped at the Monument of the victims of the raid, across the river from the fortress. This monument reminded you of the Hungarian war crimes during the World war 2. After, we settled down for coffee and cigarettes in a little cafe.

I have been avoiding short-term meetings with couch surfers on this trip lately due to a variety of reasons. But this changed the last 2 days. And I never felt better. Bertille and me had a lot of things in common, and we clicked almost immediately.

There are times you wish you had more time to spend with somebody. But you simply don’t. So, you do what you do best.

You make travel plans to meet them somewhere else in this little world.

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