Project 365: Day 224 – Cooking, couchsurfing, and Kolo

10th February 2015 – Novi Sad, Serbia

What started as one of my first culinary adventures,
Stretched into meeting some amazing CS hosts.
But the night was just getting warmed up,
There  was still Kolo, and some more dancing to boast.
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This is what the world needs more of. – Novi Sad, Serbia

The day went like a Quentin Tarantino movie. It was all quiet till evening, and then the pace went kill-bill mode!

So, I decided to cook today, and make Egor and Marina my victims. I had picked up a new dish in Turkey, made of Sucuk (a dry, spicy sausage) and eggs. I added some Indian twist to the dish, with some spices. Wonder of wonders, it came out beautifully! I was delighted at my newfound culinary skills.

After lunch, I went to meet a couch surfer in Novi Sad, over tea and homemade cookies. Maja is one of the pillars of CS in the balkans, and as we continued talking, it started emerging that we had many mutual friends.The world of travellers is very small indeed.

At night, I had my most pleasant surprise. So, I wanted to see the Kolo, the traditional Serbian dance, but there was no performance in Novi Sad for today. But we managed to find a gym where they were rehearsing for a performance. The people were so accommodating in the gym, that they even dressed up in traditional costumes!

Kolo is a very colourful dance. And really simple, as I would find out later when I was also invited to dance. It just goes in circles, with all the dancing actually being done by the feet. It was some serious workout too!

The night zoomed after that. We ended up going to 3 different bars – and somehow even dropping into a stripclub for a bit – before I crashed like a stone on Egor’s couch.

I think Rakija is pure evil and genius at the same time!

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