Project 365: Day 220 – Dancing in the snow

6th February 2015 – Belgrade, Serbia

Water is not my element. In any form you can think of.
And that is how I begin my rant against this apathetic snow.
But we all have to live for the moment, however damp it is.
Damn, I’m not even sure if my camera is going to work tomorrow.
Belgrade serbia snow

Into the snow – Belgrade, Serbia

I walked nearly 4 km yesterday evening, with my huge 20KG backpack, as I was intent on saving a few bucks to get to my hostel.

The downside was that, I woke up with a searing back pain. It was like hitting the gym after a really long time, and all the lactogen in my body was finally getting worked up.  So, I spent the whole morning in the bed, almost unable to move. A few situps and pushups later, I managed to cram out of my bed after noon, and left the hostel.

I had not walked for 5 minutes, before it started snowing. Now, I have seen snow on this trip before, in Australia, New Zealand, Bhutan and even recently in Turkey. But I have never been in a snowfall till now! This was my first time! I almost did the chicken dance, while the onlookers looked on at the weird Indian who dared to take out his camera in the snow.

It was all fun and dandy for the rest of the day. While everyone was heading back to their homes in a rush, I kept clicking people against the backdrop of the falling snow.

Something tells me I may have to tend for my camera tomorrow.

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