Project 365: Day 209 – Art imitating art

26th January 2015 – Gorukle, Turkey

When life imitates art, the royalties are oft forgotten.
We live in a world full of imitations, so who cares anyway?
But when I found a bunch of artists, toiling away in acrylic,
I clicked them. I am an imitator too. Didn’t i say?
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Art imitating art – Gorukle, Turkey

After spending nearly till 5 AM in the Bursa Otogar, the public buses started running finally. And I caught a number 98 to take me to Gorukle.
Gorukle is quite far away from Bursa, nearly 28 KM. But it is the centre of the Universities, and has a crowd of many young students and artists living around, with a neat sprinkling of good bars and clubs.
I stayed with Isa, a Polish artist who I hosted before in Singapore, and Ibrahim, a gem of a Turkish Kurd. I caught a little sleep till late afternoon, and then joined Isa to an art academy, where she paints.
After meeting a bunch of other artists there, I practised the only art that I am reasonably good at.
I took their pictures.

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