Project 365: Day 201 – Riding a motorbike. In another country.

18th January 2015 – Tangalle, Sri Lanka

The southernmost tip I touched, and the beautiful coast I strode,
All in the search of a blowhole, on a cliff that faced the blue sea.
There were no people, no tourists, and finally no blowholes too.
There was just the ocean, some friends with popcorn, and then me.
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There were no blowholes today, but there were boats – Hummanaya blow hole, in Tangalle, Sri Lanka

From Weligama I left to Tangalle today morning. Tangalle is the southernmost district of Sri Lanka, and I passed by the southernmost point of Sri Lanka on the way.

Oh, I am back on a motorbike again. I rented one in Unawatuna for 700 Rupees a day, and decided to use it for a couple of days. Hence the decision to ride through the southern coast today. And that is how I passed through Gondra, which was the southernmost tip of the county, and drove through fishing villages to reach the southernmost spot. I was disappointed when I finally reached there, as there was nothing of significance in the place.

So, the ride continued towards Tangalle with a friend I know in Welligama. The idea was to reach the Hummanaya blow hole, of which I had seen some splendid pictures. The blow hole had an entry charge of 250 Rupees for foreigner, which we paid. Only to be disappointed again. There was indeed a blowhole, but there was no water blowing through it today. Or at least not at the noon time when we visited.

We settled for a bag of popcorn and ate it facing a majestic cliff and the ocean beyond.

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