Project 365: Day 199 – Lack of sleep. Again.

16th January 2015 – Hulhule, Maldives

Travel has its banes. And sometimes, lack of sleep is one.
with the ferry, the airplane, the bus and the train – all in a day.
I was finally back in the crazy pit again, by now.
But only my spirit is. My body is completely at fray.
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The sleepless night – Hulhule, Maldives

When I woke up yesterday to click those sunrise kite surfers, I didn’t imagine that it would be 30 hours before I would sleep next.

Yesterday night, after Victoria left at a 10 PM flight, I still had to loiter around in the Ibrahim Nasr airport for a flight that was at 3 AM. There was nothing much to do, and no wifi anywhere. The food was exorbitantly pricey, and no entertainment anywhere. For a while, I went out and clicked the Hulhule ferry terminal outside the airport. Then tried to keep myself occupied with a book.

Finally, I was on the SriLankan Airlines flight, and made the mistake of checking the entertainment menu. There was ‘Argo’, which I have never seen. So, starting watching it. This was definitely a mistake, because the flight was only 1 hour long, and I definitely not finish watching the movie.

Reached Colombo by 4.30 AM, and waited outside till 5.30 for the first bus to Colombo fort. The bus took an hour, and then waited till 7 AM in Colombo to catch the first train to Unawatuna. And then the train took 3 hours to reach Unawatuna. As if I wasn’t enough tired already, I already decided to walk the 2KM stretch from the train station to the hostel.

I walked in – sweaty and staggered – into the hostel at 1 PM. And I think I crashed in exactly 5 minutes.

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