Project 365: Day 184 – Its a brand new year, already!

1st January 2015 – Unawatuna, Sri Lanka

As the midnight hour gained on me, I went quietly.
Into my own shell, that little paradise away from all the turmoil.
There was a whole year to look back upon, and another to consider.
For who knows what lays ahead. Dreams baked in an imperfect foil.
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There is nothing like a little Kothu roti to begin a new year – Unawatuna, Sri Lanka

Last night, the party dragged on and on and on. The drinking that started in the morning, didn’t end till early morning today.

But I wasn’t part of it.

At around 11.30, I quietly slipped away. It has been a custom for me all the past few years. Exactly at midnight, I took a cold shower, weighed down my previous year, and weighed up my choices and chances for the next year. There were bubbles around my in the shower, and not from the nice-smelling shower gel that someone had left behind in the hostel. It was more about the various things that we often tend to get muddle about. Career, life, travel, love, settling down, friends. The list went on and on.

After a shower, I slept. There was no other way to bring in the new year than to get a nice little doze of sleep and enter a year with a calm and relaxed zen. I have been partying well long, and don’t need to make a reason out of NYE to party another day.

Well, not for long. My sleep kept getting interrupted by couples who kept coming back into the hostel at different times of the night and day, and using the little room at the back, which was aptly named ‘the banging room’. Oh, well. Its a hostel of course!

By evening, I went back to my new-found love in Sri Lanka. The kothu Roti is basically a roti (bread) and any meat of your choice. These 2 ingredients are cut and mixed up on a big pan using 2 metallic blades. Its a joy just to watch the minutes long cutting process, as the sounds of the metallic clanging stirs up your appetite even more.

Well, the end result is always worth it.


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