2104: My year in Travel photos

Well, I did it last year. So, it simply wouldn’t make sense if I didn’t do it again!

I thought 2013 was momentous, but I notched it up a few knots in 2014. The year started with travel, and continued with travel, and I am still travelling as it ends. While I could not visit some of the countries that I had planned for this year, due to time and visa problems (like China, Bangladesh and Iran), I did manage to also visit some which were not on my original list (like UAE, Qatar and Sri Lanka). So, here are my favourite travel photos of each month for the year that was.

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I was already finishing a trip a trip to Jordan at the beginning of 2014, so I had nothing planned for January. But I unexpectedly ended up going to Baliagain – by the end of the month. Oh, well.

kecak, dance, bali, indonesia, travel, photography

The kecak dance of Bali



From Bali, I flew to Timor Leste by early February, to discover a country which is so beautiful and untouched. Timor is definitely difficult to get to, but once you get there, the feeling is amazing. Followed this up with a visit to Jogjakarta (Indonesia) the same month.

timor, kids, children, travel, photography

The gorgeous kids in Timor Leste.



I had Absolutely no travel plans this month, as the travel expenses of the last 5 months had totally pinned me down. So, I stayed put in Singapore this month, and just made travelling plans. And hosting a lot of couch surfers, taking photographs of them whenever I could.

sentosa, singapore, water, photography

The tattoo on the water. in Sentosa, Singapore



There was just 2 countries remaining for South East Asia, and I knocked off Vietnam from this list. Well, not completely, because I only visited Ho Chi Minh city, and will definitely have to come back some day to visit Hanoi.

ho chi minh, hcmc, vietnam, street photography

Peering through the doors – Ho chi minh city, Vietnam



And finally, time to finish off the South East Asia list from my travel checklist, visiting the last country in this stretch. And by far, Laos is definitely my favourite country in the whole ASEAN region. The people are genuine, the tourists are less, and the country has a rich diversity.

Pakse, laos, travel, photography,

Sharing the road with this family in Pakse, Laos.



This was my last month in Singapore, before I took off for a year long travel project. So, not much of travel happened, except for a short 3-day visit to Penang. But this was more of a month of goodbyes, actually.

Singapore, street, travel, photography

some street performance, somewhere in Singapore



Finally, I was gone for good. This month took me through Australia, Vanuatu, Fiji and New Zealand. Started getting used to living off a backpack. I could do this forever!

sydney, Australia, travel, photography

May have gone in the Australian winter, but Sydney is still gorgeous



This month took me through a little bit of the middle-east, as I visited UAE and Qatar. UAE does look like the kind of place where I might want to move in after I finish this whole travel year.

al nasr park in UAE

Dubai never sleeps.



September began with the flooding in Kashmir, India. And midway through the month, I began my own motorcycle trip from Kerala (India) to Nepal and Bhutan.

Baga beach, goa, india, travel, photography

The beaches of Goa.



The riding continued, and almost made it to Nepal by the end of the month. But glad to have visited many amazing places in India along the way.

Varanasi, india, prayer, puja

The prayers at the river, in Varanasi, India.



Most of November was spent in Nepal, and some in Bhutan. I could ride into both of these countries with my motorcycle, so the motorcycle adventure continued.

Patan, square, nepal, travel, photography

At the Patan darbar square in Nepal



The motorbike diary had to end at some point, and it ended in Kolkata. But with new travel plans, I couldn’t stay home for long. So, December, and the new year, are in the amazing island nation of Sri Lanka, which I am visiting for the first time despite being only a few hundred kms away from my own home.

colombo, srilanka, travel, photography

The trains of colombo


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