Project 365: Day 172 – The ECR is always beautiful

20th December 2014 – Mamallapuram, India

No time to surf, nor did I have the energy get up early.
But an evening ride, became a pleasant affair.
Watching vendors made their stuff, and strut their fare.
I could keep coming back here, for all I care.
mahabalipuram, india, travel, hats

Capping it up – Mahabalipuram, India

When one visits Chennai, it is foolhardy not to visit Mamallapuram, which is just 30 km away. Well, I did. Last time I was here, and countless times before that.

The ECR, or the East Coast Road, is one of my favourite roads in India. Purely for the views that it offers, running against the sea like an adjacent vein. The last time I was here, I rode through with my enfield. This time, I took a friend’s motorbike.

Didn’t have any specific plans, just wanted to ride out for a bit in the evening. It was dark already, so just clicked some street vendors for a little while, and then returned back home to Sringaara Chennai.

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