Project 365: Day 169 – Goodbye Kolkata

17th December 2014 – Kolkata, India

Three weeks. No, they appeared more like 3 decades,
Have passed through along with the winds, wafting with a curry flavour.
While the city of joy gears up to shop for a not-so-cold christmas,
I am heading south today. I have fish curry to savour.
christmas, shopping, kolkata, india,

The Klauses in Kolkata, are gearing up.

I sent the bike through Gati today, and I think those guys did a good job of packing the bike thoroughly.

One of the risks with send your motorbike through parcel, is that something always tends to end up broken or bent. So, I had to oversee the packing. They removed the mirrors, packed them separately, and even packed my helmet cleanly. After I was thoroughly satisfied with the multiple levels of protection, I finally gave my ok, and my beast was off to Chennai.

And so was I, after a few hours. I said goodbye to Sudder street, to Victoria memorial, and to Kolkata, which has been nice to me for the last 3 weeks despite my constant cribbing.

For now, I have to gear up for Sri Lanka.

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