Project 365: Day 160 – Reflecting on the trip so far

8th December 2014 – Kolkata, India

The money is beginning to flow now. Well it always does,
When there is a new visa to be applied, or a bike to be serviced.
Diligent hard work, is the call for the day, but at the end of it all,
There are things to be thought of, and the future is reflected.
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Reflecting is the mood of the day – Kolkata, India

It has been more than a week now in Kolkata, making this my longest pitstop in this trip. And I will be here for at least another week. And there are 3 reasons for this lengthy stay in the ‘city of joy’.

Firstly, I really need a little break after the last 3 months of riding, and after the last few weeks of riding in the cold. Secondly, I had to meet someone here in Kolkata, who arrives tonight. Thirdly, I had to apply for a Shengen Visa, and a Bangladesh visa, and get my bike serviced, all of which was perfectly possible in this city.

And today was a rather busy day. I lodged my application at the VFS centre in the morning, paying a visa fee of 60 Euros. And I was called by noon to be told that I will have to go for a visa interview at the consulate in a couple of days. Simply because, my visa application was rather “weird”. I was unemployed, but had enough money to sustain my travels, and I was staying for 3 months in Europe. Well, I think I need some more documents now.

The second half of the day was spent collecting my motorbike which I had given for servicing. So, I had thought that I had 4 free services, and I had done only 3 so far – the first in Kozhikode, the second in Goa, and the third in Varanasi. And I still had a free service left. Or so I thought.

Well, I should have read the fine print. I was pointed to a clause in my warranty which stated that my free services would not be valid after a year, or after 10000KM. Well, I was over 11000 already. And so, for the first time, I had to pay for my bike servicing.

But then, I badly needed it to be serviced after all the wiring issues it has been having lately. I finished my day again at the Victoria memorial, taking some sunset pics with reflections against the lake.


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