Project 365: Day 156 – Boxed in a cricket country

4th December 2014 – Kolkata, India

A forgotten street, turned into a sporting ground,
And the passerby joined in, to hit the ball out of sight.
Where mere men become gods, and stadiums turn to temples,
Such is the allure of cricket in my country. It’s just too tight.
cricket, kolkata, india, bengal

When there is nothing else to do, there is always cricket. – Kolkata, India

So, today was another day spent completely at the guesthouse, preparing documents for a Shengen visa application. 
I had planned to fly to Belgium in March. But after calling them yesterday, I found out about something called ‘regional jurisdiction’. So, Belgium outsources their visa applications to VFS. And in a large country like India, VFS has regional jurisdiction for certain countries. Since I am from Kerala, I am termed a ‘southerner’, and I had to apply in either Chennai or Bangalore. So, not Belgian application from Kolkata.
Hence, I choose to fly to France in March. And while preparing the documents, couldn’t help by join the neighbourhood kids for a game of Box cricket.
Box cricket is cricket played on a smaller scale, in a small street or alley. The rules are pretty interesting, like catches are allowed even if they are taken after one bounce on the floor or the wall. So, the secret here is a good and judicial mix of technique and raw power. 
I seemed to only have the second one, as I kept getting caught after a bounce. Back to the applications for me.
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