Project 365: Day 145 – Let’s ride to the capital

23rd November 2014 – Thimphu, Bhutan

The road curved and stretched again, for miles and hours,
And at a crucial junction, I bit the bullet. I went weak, you could say.
So, now I rode to the capital, that den of cute little kids with Kira and kho.
And of men who played with huge bows and arrows all day.
Thimphu Bhutan

We all find our way. One way or the other. – Thimphu, Bhutan

I left Tsimasham early in the morning today, braving the morning mist. I had to, because I knew that the ride was going to be long, with me stopping every 5 KM or so to warm up my hands.

At a place called Chozum, the road splits decisively. To the left was Paro where I was originally headed. And to the right was Thimphu, the capital city. I had to take a call now. If I went to Paro, that would mean that I continue my trip to Thimphu, Punakha, Trongsa and Bumthang, and exit Bhutan on the Gelephu border. This also meant that I would have to endure temperatures much more colder than what I was enduring now.

There was a moment of weakness, aided by the terrible cold. I rode to Thimphu now. The plan had changed. I would head to Thimphu, return to Paro next, and then return back to the Indian border at Phuentsholing. The rest of Bhutan, I would have to come during one of the warmer months. I can’t say that I was proud of this decision.

After another hour or 2 of riding, I was finally in Thimphu. And the first thing that I noticed was the official dresses of people here. Everybody wears the Kho (for men) and the Kira (for women) here, which is actually a very formal wear. And they hung around for hours at the Archery grounds. Archery is the national sport of Bhutan, and it is with bated breath that I watched people shoot arrows helter-skelter in these grounds.

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