Project 365: Day 142 – Finally, I took the train! 2

20th November 2014 – Darjeeling, India

After a day of frivolous drinking, and another of painful recovery,
the step was back. Albeit surrounded by a still-heavy head.
I hopped on a  train, and saw the beautiful himalayas roll by me.
And regained my strength. Because it’s high time I moved ahead.
Himalayan toy train in Darjeeling

After rum and a massive hangover, we took the toy train today – Darjeeling, India

The head eased a little better today, after the massive hangover, and nearly 30 hours of sleep yesterday.

So, my friends booked the Darjeeling himalayan train, also called the toy train, for today morning at 8 AM. I was up from 6 itself, as I had slept over 30 hours yesterday. One of my friends, Shiela Zago, who is an art curator based in India, for the Conexus Project, was keen to take this train for the last 2 days. And we finally did!

The toy train costs 400 INR, and takes a good 2 hours to make a full loop back to Darjeeling. There are 2 stops along the way. A 15-minute short stop at the Batasia loop, and a full 30-minutes at Ghum station. There is a railway museum at Ghum station which is good enough to keep you occupied for 30 minutes. And after this break, the train heads back to the Darjeeling station without any stops.

After 4 days of hanging around the railways, and finally taking the world heritage toy train, I think it is finally time to move on. I did my first shopping of this trip, to get some heavy-duty jacket, trekking shoes, and some yak-wool gloves. I have been shivering cold in Darjeeling for the last 4 days, where the weather dropped down to 14C sometimes at night.

And to think that the highest temperature projected for Bhutan the next week, is 14C! God save me!

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