Project 365: Day 139 – In the land of the Gorkhas 3

17th November 2014 – Darjeeling, India

In the warm south, I was raised. And the north was a snow-covered dream.
And now I find myself, toasting my coffee to the world’s tallest peaks.
In a land, where people are fighting to make a different governance,
A mesmerising railway train hoots its way through, amid joyous shrieks.
Darjeeling himalayan railways

It must be an awesome job to drive a train that goes through some of the most picturesque areas of India – Darjeeling, India

My heart had skipped a beat yesterday, when I rode into Darjeeling in the cold.

There was some political procession going on, by the local Gorkha groups. Darjeeling is often part of what is called Gorkhaland, a demand by the local Gorkha groups to get a separate entity/government. And strikes by these groups do happen from time to time. Yesterday was not a strike, just some political procession. But out of all the demands that were being shouted out in the local languages, 2 words were very clearly audible. Blah blah blah, GO BACK!

I am not new to political protests, like the time that I was stuck in an anti-Taksin protest in Bangkok. Read about it here!

I didn’t know who that message was for, but I didn’t face any other harassment on my way. I walked out today, around the Railway station area, and found that the locals were suspicious, but did not show any kind of malice towards me. I didn’t care much too, given that I was already freezing here, and a little malice might have actually warmed me up! 😀

The highlight of a visit to Darjeeling is the Himalayan railway, a seemingly ingenious feat of engineering if you consider the local terrain. I just took down the timing of the trains, and put it in my plan to do it one of the next days. And of course, I clicked around the railway station, especially at those train drivers. The ones who had it all under control.

More about the train ride, soon.

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